Here at Legacy Mechanical Services, Inc., we know that businesses need to operate efficiently and without interruption, and we understand that properly maintained HVAC and plumbing systems are a big part of keeping things operating smoothly. That is why we offer commercial maintenance service agreements to help ensure your mechanical systems are always receiving the attention they need to function optimally.

Industry experts report that routine HVAC and plumbing maintenance drastically reduces the frequency of equipment system repairs (including the likelihood of emergency repairs during peak seasons), extends the life of your equipment, improves system efficiency, complies with manufacturer’s warranty standards, and can lower your facility’s utility bills by anywhere from 10 to 40 percent. Furthermore, consistent monitoring and care of your heating and cooling equipment can lead to improved indoor air quality.

Our Maintenance Service Agreements

With a maintenance service agreement from Legacy Mechanical Services, Inc., you can feel confident knowing that the best in the industry is handling all your important HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical needs. In addition, you’ll receive:

  • Standard of four visits annually, one per quarter. More than four visits per year are available.
  • Replacement of filters during each visit.
  • Digital inspection reports after completion of every inspection that are presented as PDF files.
  • Chemical cleaning of your system’s condenser coils and replacement of belts during the second quarter inspection.
  • A service agreement customer rate of $80/hour for HVAC and Plumbing. Under our maintenance agreement, you’ll save 15 percent on material for HVAC and plumbing repairs, and 10 percent on equipment replacements.
  • Priority handling of your service needs in the event of an emergency.

We inspect the cooling components in the spring and summer, and the heating components in the fall and winter. Below is an example of items we inspect:

  • The burner assembly is cleaned, checked and adjusted, if necessary.
  • The ignition assembly is checked.
  • The heat exchanger and elements are checked.
  • Safety controls are tested.
  • Blower components are inspected.
  • Electrical connections are checked and repaired, replaced or tightened, as necessary.
  • Motors are inspected, cleaned and lubricated, as necessary.
  • Moving parts are lubricated, as necessary.
  • Thermostats are assessed and calibrated.
  • Refrigerant levels are checked and if low, the leak is located and the repair is made.
  • Indoor and outdoor coils are inspected.

Condenser Coil Maintenance: Vital for Cooling System Efficiency

One area that truly sets Legacy Mechanical apart is how thoroughly we clean the condenser coils when we do our preventative maintenance visits. Not every HVAC company takes this step, or does it to the extent that we do. Yet it is a crucial measure to take, as dirty coils can cause an increase in power usage, which in turn increases utility bills.

Here’s why:

The condenser coils are the components in an air conditioning system that are responsible for expelling excess heat from a building to the outdoors. Any caked-on dirt, grease, dust, soot or other debris on the coils can act as an insulating barrier, which interferes with the transfer of heat. When the condenser coils can’t properly do their job, the air conditioning system must run longer, harder and at higher pressure in order to provide the same level of cooling. Even just a 1/100th of an inch buildup of debris can reduce the condenser coil’s efficiency by 5 percent. This not only increases the operating costs of the cooling system, but ultimately it can cause the condenser coils to corrode and lead to system failure.

When we clean your condenser coils, we do a whole lot more than a mere dusting. We will wash the coil using building pressure water and an environmentally safe, non-acidic, cleaner and degreaser. This is not something most property managers or business owners want to or should do themselves, as there is the risk of electric shock and fire hazards if the exposed components of the system are not handled correctly. But fortunately for you, you don’t have to attempt this task. We have the tools and expertise to handle the job in the most efficient manner possible.

When the job is finished, your cooling system will not only operate more efficiently, the indoor air quality may be better too. Understand that dirty condenser coils can create a breeding ground for molds and bacteria, which spread via the air. When the coils are washed, these pathogens lose their breeding ground and stop proliferating, and that alone can significantly improve the air quality inside your building.

We can inspect, maintain, and repair all types and all brands of HVAC equipment including chillers, cooling towers, rooftop units, split systems, water source heat pumps, heat exchangers, pumps, exhaust fans, dampers, make-up air units, 100% outside air units, Aaon, Liebert, Trane, Carrier, Daikin, Lennox, Goodman, Desert Aire, Valent, Greenheck, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi City Multi, Hitachi, and many more.

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If your business is located in the Atlanta metro area and you’re in need of a quality, affordable and professional HVAC and plumbing service, Legacy Mechanical is ready to help. For a fair and reasonable price, our technicians will take care of your facility, ensuring your heating, cooling and plumbing systems run as efficiently as possible. With a Legacy Mechanical maintenance service agreement you will never have to worry about an inconvenient—and potentially costly—equipment or mechanical malfunction ever again. For a no-cost, no-obligation maintenance agreement estimate, give us a call at 770-432-1171. Or, complete the contact form on our website and one of our account managers will get back with you within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you in advance for choosing Legacy Mechanical.

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