Privacy Policy

The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to inform our clients and website visitors of the information we collect as well as how we utilize that information. This Privacy Policy may be updated in the future as needed for the benefit of our clients.

Collected Information

Personal: When you fill out a form on, you will be asked to provide your name, address, company, phone number and email address. This information will only be used to contact you in the future regarding questions, concerns and projects.

Cookies and Data: Our server logs may automatically collect and store website visitor data, which could include the search requests made to find, IP address and more. Our technology may send cookies (files of data) to your device, which save on your device after visiting our website. All of the cookies and data information we collect and store are for tracking purposes. If you do not want cookies to be saved to your device, please disable your browser.

Advertising: Our website advertises on third party websites including Google, specifically Google Adwords. One form of this advertising is called Remarketing, which allows us to advertise to people who have previously visited our website. This is made possible through cookies stored on devices where advertisements are distributed. Advertisements may appear on third party Google partner websites as graphic ads and in Google search results as text ads. Data collected by these cookies is in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy.

What We Do With Collected Information

The only purpose of collecting your personal information on the forms on our website is for further contact. Your personal information will never be distributed or sold to third parties without your consent. The cookies and data files we collect and store are anonymous and do not identify you; they are only used for tracking and analytics purposes.

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