Project Spotlight – Olympia Walgreen’s

Legacy Mechanical is proud to have been a part of the two-story, full restoration of the historic Olympia Building in the middle of downtown Atlanta, GA. Originally opened in 1936, the now Walgreen’s Pharmacy has been an iconic landmark for the past 80 years. One of the few two-story buildings remaining in the area, the Olympia restoration project restored the depression era building from years of disrepair to its former grandeur. The historic Art-Deco glory was preserved by maintaining many of the original features including the iconic Coca Cola sign and original marquee band.        

Each floor has approximately 10,00 square feet of space with a mix of office and retail. The building also features exposed ceilings. There were many challenges involved in providing modern comfort in the historical building. One example: the installation of a new steel structure within the existing perimeter walls. Another challenge was maintaining the Coca Cola sign on the building throughout the entire construction process. On the mechanical side, new storm drain piping and sanitary waste piping had to be completely redesigned and routed to 100-year-old piping systems. Ultimately, Decatur St. had to be dug up and a new manhole was installed. Due to buried fiber-optic lines that could not be relocated, new lift stations were added just prior to completion. Overall, the job was a very customized one full of many feedback-based adjustments.

Highlights of the HVAC renovation included adding roof top units, split systems, dehumidifiers, and new updated Trane DDC controls to the existing systems.
The plumbing renovations also replaced underground utilities, an under-slab drainage system, roof drains, overfloor roof drains, storm water piping, and an all new interior plumbing system with all new fixtures.

This one-of-a-kind Walgreen’s opened its doors to the public on September 16, 2016.

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